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What's happening in the world of Vamp

Read from the bottom up to chronologically relive Vamp's long journey through the years...


  • 1/2012 - Production in Hungary announced! Opening summer 2012!
  • 11/2008 - Mp3 versions of the 2001 NYC cast recording are available on CDBaby.com and this website until the remastered CDs are ready...
  • 7/2008 - Remixing and remastering of the 2001 NYC cast recording have begun.
  • 4/2008 - The second printing of the 2001 NYC cast recording of Vamp CDs have sold out! Thank you, those fans who bought them!

  • 11/2003 - Plans in the works for a Hungarian student production of Vamp! The libretto will be translated into Hungarian for the production. No date set as yet.
  • 11/2003 - plans in the works for a Seattle CD release party sometime in early 2004.
  • 10/31/2003 - NYC cast recording CD's are back from the duplicators and released.
  • 09/2003 - After several long breaks and setbacks, mixing of the NYC cast recording is fianally complete.
  • 05/2001 - Jake moves back to Seattle. Mixing begins.
  • 04/2001 - Cast recording is tracked.
  • 03/2001 - Lamb's Theatre workshop runs.
  • 01/2001 - Rehearsals begin for Lamb's theatre workshop production.
  • 10/2000 - Casting complete.
  • 07/2000 - Jake moves to NYC from Seattle to be a part of the production taking shape there.
  • 01/2000 - Jake begins six solid months of rewrites and rerecordings of the libretto and score.
  • 09/1999 - First negotiations for a New York City production.
  • 04/1998 - This site launched, and tracks submitted to MP3.com. "Fallen" eventually takes up residence in the top 40 of the Musicals / Broadway charts for over a year.
  • 10/1996 - Jake moves to Seattle
  • 10/1995 - Jake Moves to Chicago and helps form Thriteeth Tribe theatre company (now known as Division Thirteen Productions and located in NYC).
  • 6/1993 - Vamp receives the Threshold Grant of Excellence from which the first modest cast recording is made.
  • 4/1993 - Totally restructured and rewritten, Vamp is produced for the final time at Hampshire as a full Mainstage production. Four characters, no chorus.
  • 12/1990 - First complete (but still very rough) three act show of Vamp performed in the Hampshire College Studio Theatre. Two hours of music, four main characters and a chorus of nine all perform for the first time.
  • 01/1990 - First public performance of the single scene in a workshop format at Hampshire College.
  • 11/1989 - First scene for Vamp written, what was eventually to become "Unvieled." The scene contained only two characters: Simon and Alex.

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